About Yellow Dog

Our company takes its name from two sources of inspiration: both the lovable yellow lab, as well as the “Yellow Dog” hand carved two-sided oil lamp that Nantucket whalers made while on their long journeys. Yellow Dog Construction was founded in 2008 after many years of apprenticeships, on the principal of doing things right the first time. What started as frame and exterior trimming for many of the island’s top builders, quickly flourished into custom spec homes, remodels, and custom builds, thanks to the most experienced crew we could find. Still a carpentry-based firm, in every project, and every sub contractor, we bring passion ,dedication, hard work, honesty and a heap of elbow grease and a very fine attention to detail to ensure you’ll love what we make.

Why Choose Yellow Dog?

Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Family-Owned and Operated
Customer-First Service
Free Consultation and Estimates
20+ Years of Experience
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our Team

Founder, Contractor

Kevin Griswald

Site Manager

Jess Musk


Tomaas Hirschi